So Bella Hadid Spoke Out About That Whole Fyre Festival Thing

She’s v apologetic.

There’s a lot of shit that went down: Slices of bread as a “catered” meal, blown-over tents that were supposed to be villas, and people’s luggage getting held in containers for hours.

It's a lot to talk about so if you want to get caught up just click here and here.

Today, however, we’re gonna talk about models. Just one, actually! Bella Hadid. That’s her right there.

You see, Bella was one of the models flown to the Caribbean to be in an all-star campaign for the Fyre Festival. In this video that I somehow was not asked to join in, supermodels are very sexy and beautiful and basically make you want to buy tix to the Fyre Festival just for the opportunity to be around them.

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