69 Things The New Barbie Ken With A Manbun Is Definitely Into

Tribal print shirts and riffin’ on guitars.

Mattel has released a new Ken doll that has a manbun. This is what manbun Ken is into.

Mattel has released a new Ken doll that has a manbun. This is what manbun Ken is into.


1. Texting “haha and then what?”
2. Listening to OAR in 2009
3. Saying “well, I had a bun before it was cool”
4. Yelling Chainsmokers lyrics after a two drinks
5. “Showering… can I come?”
6. Majoring in Sports Medicine or Criminal Justice
7. Ironically using the boomerang feature on Instragram
8. Alternating between calling Instagram “Insta” and “The Gram”
9. A little man named Davey Matthews
10. Wearing an old Detroit Pistons basketball jersey to a concert
11. Wearing a green Red Sox St. Patrick's Day hat to a concert
12. Wearing a backpack with no shirt on, also at a concert
13. Wearing a tank top with huge block letters that says, like, “I LIKE TO PARTY” in giant letters, again at a concert
14. Talking about how good Rugrats was
15. Having an extensive collection of flannels
16. Shoes with no socks
17. Showing up at the bar in a Romphim “just for laffs” but secretly liking being like “Hell. Yea.”
18. Texting you to see if they can buy weed off you
19. Splitting the check with Barbie on a first date
20. Asking Barbie to borrow her conditioner
21. Talking about that “I love bacon” phase they went through six years ago
22. Picking up a guitar and just riffin’
23. But only knowing how to play The General on the guitar


24. “Bringing back” Hawaiian shirts
25. “Bringing back” short shorts
26. Having two older sisters
27. Saying “yo you see Barstool yesterday?”
28. Owning 4-5 deep V necks
29. Arguing about Wonder Woman
30. Still complaining about the ending “Lost”
31. Sugar-free Red Bull
32. Ironically using that flower crown Snapchat filter but really loving it
33. Watching Bravo shows
34. Really, really trying to talk about Bravo shows to prove they watch Bravo shows
35. Not being afraid to wear pink
36. Ignition (Remix)
37. Wearing leggings at the gym
38. Taking pics of himself wearing leggings at the gym
39. Sometimes wearing shorts OVER his leggings at the gym
40. Tribal print shirts
41. Animal print shirts
42. Scoop neck tank tops
43. Talking about how his wireless headphones “grew on him”

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