C'mon Son! Here's Everything We Learned About "Psych: The Movie" At Comic-Con

Sadly, the Blueberry won’t be back.

The film, which will air in December, will take place during the holiday season in San Fransisco and pick up three years after the series finale.

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Zachary Levi will play a “formidable villain.”

According to star James Roday, “He's formidable. He's not like a thin, blow away Psych season four, episode six villain. He's not a villain of the week. He's got some depth and he's scary and you wouldn't want to mess with him in a dark alley.”

Instagram: @psychonusa

We might finally get to meet Chief Vick’s family.

We might finally get to meet Chief Vick's family.

Though Chief Vick's pregnancy was a small plot point in Season 1, her husband and daughter are never seen on screen, and have become a hidden mystery of the show.

But actress Kirsten Nelson said of her character, “My husband's there. My daughter's there. I didn't leave them [in Santa Barbara]. There's a pretty funny joke that Juliet gets to make where she's like, 'We get to see your family?!” So do we or do we not, who knows?”


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