The "Game Of Thrones" Cast Sort Celebrities Into Houses With Hilarious Results

It's that time of year again, when Game of Thrones is in full swing and we want to know everything there is to know about the show and the cast.

Well, before Season 7 kicked off, BuzzFeed was lucky enough to meet up with a few of the stars of the show. Not only did they tell us some excellent behind-the-scenes secrets and let us know what their ideal spinoff shows would be, but they also sorted celebrities into Game of Thrones houses for us. And we of course then illustrated a few.

Here are the humorous results…

Daniel Radcliffe: Stark

BuzzFeed / Getty

Sophie Turner: I was about to say Gryffindor. Erm, Stark!

David Beckham: Targaryen or Tyrell

BuzzFeed / Getty

Pilou Asbæk: Targaryen.

Gemma Whelan: No, I say Tyrell!

Hillary Clinton: Targaryen

BuzzFeed / Getty

Jacob Anderson: Team Dany. Targaryen. [fist-bumps chest] She's a Targaryen.

Beyoncé: Stark

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

Sophie: [thinks] Stark.

Will Smith: Martell

BuzzFeed / Getty

Liam Cunningham: Ooh, Unsullied? [laughs] He'd be in Dorne, wouldn't he? He'd be somewhere warm and glamorous and full of niceness.

Barack Obama: Greyjoy

BuzzFeed / Getty

Gemma: Oh, we want him – Greyjoy.

Pilou: Sand Snakes. [laughs cheekily]

Tom Hardy: Lannister

BuzzFeed / Getty

Sophie: Tom Hardy. Ooh, Tom Hardy… Ooh, maybe Lannister? I feel like he'd play Lannister really well.

Patrick Stewart: Martell

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

Liam: I think he'd be a good Martell. Or Tywin's brother or something like that. You know what I mean? He's quite Shakespearean, isn't he? “Make it so.”

The Queen: Stark or Greyjoy

BuzzFeed / Getty

Gemma: Starks.

Pilou: The Greyjoys. [smirks and both laugh]

George R.R. Martin: Stark

BuzzFeed / Getty

Rory McCann: Is he not in a house of his own?

John Bradley: [laughs] Erm, Stark because of the integrity.

Joe Jonas: Stark

BuzzFeed / Getty

Sophie: [bursts out laughing] Stark!

Helen Mirren: Lannister

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

John: Lannister. Yeah, 100%.

Danny Dyer: Greyjoy

BuzzFeed / Getty

Daniel Portman: Slytherin. Erm, sorry.

Jacob: [bursts out laughing] Agreed… He's an Ironborn, I reckon.

Daniel: Yeah, he's an Ironborn. Yeah he is, isn't he? [does impression of Danny Dyer]

Emma Watson: Stark

BuzzFeed / Getty

Pilou: That's the Starks.

Gemma: Oh OK, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Boris Johnson: A court jester

BuzzFeed / Getty

Isaac Hempstead Wright: A jester. He'd be the court jester, I think.

Kate Middleton: Lannister or Tyrell

BuzzFeed / Getty

Rory: [thinks] Probably Lannister.

John: Yeah, probably Lannister. Or Tyrell. One of the others.

Ed Sheeran: Stark

Ed Sheeran: Stark

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

Sophie: [nods and smiles] Stark.

Jennifer Lawrence: Lannister

BuzzFeed / Getty

Daniel: She's a Stark. [changes his mind quickly] No, no she's not. She's definitely a Lannister. She's got Lannister written all over her. Just in terms of, like, blonde, and she's got a bit of a lioness thing going on.

Jacob: [laughs] In terms of blonde?!

Daniel: They're meant to be blonde!

Jacob: Oh yeah, that's true. Sorry, my bad. Ignore me.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Stark or Lannister

BuzzFeed / Getty

Isaac: Oh, he'd be a Stark.

Aidan Gillen: I thought he'd be a Lannister.

Isaac: Ooh. No, he's too nice.

Aidan: It's just his hair.

Snoop Dogg: Solo with Littlefinger

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

Aidan: Snoop impersonated Littlefinger on TV while smoking a joint with Seth Rogen. That was pretty interesting. So he'd have to be wherever I'm at, but I don't really have a house.

Ed Miliband: In his own house, House Miliband

BuzzFeed / Getty

Jacob: I feel like he'd be the fool or something of one of the houses.

Daniel: [bursts out laughing] Who's the useless one? He'd be the useless one. Whatever the useless one is.

Jacob: [laughs] He'd be a Ravenclaw.

Daniel: Yeah, Hufflepuff. Can we make up a house for Ed?

BuzzFeed: You can.

Daniel: House Miliband then. He'd be a nice Miliband, wouldn't he?

Idris Elba: Targaryen

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

John: [thinks] Targaryen.

Katy Perry: Tyrell

BuzzFeed / Getty

Daniel: Tyrell. 100%.

Jacob: Yes! Good shout.

Benedict Cumberbatch: Greyjoy

BuzzFeed / Getty

Isaac: I'd say Greyjoy.

Aidan: He looks a bit like a Greyjoy, you're right.

Prince William: Tully

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

Isaac: Like, a Tully. Inoffensive and [under his breath] bland. No. [laughs]

Aidan: Maybe. He looks a bit like he could be a Tully. Yeah, I might agree with you on that one.

Game of Thrones Season 7 airs in the US on Sundays at 9pm EST. The show airs in the UK on Mondays on Sky Atlantic and Now TV at 2am GMT, repeated at 9pm GMT on the same day.


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