9 Juicy Things We Just Learned About Zayn Malik And His New Music

The singer opened up about his “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” duet partner, his new album, what he does in his spare time, and more.

Do you ever look at Zayn Malik and wonder what’s going on in that big, beautiful, now-bald head of his?

Instagram: @trishamalik1069

Well as luck would have it, the “Pillowtalk” singer recently did an interview with The Fader and shared details about his personal life as well as his new music. Here’s what he said:


I am, yeah. Super. I definitely am. I’m going to bed quite early at the minute. I’ve been working in the studio throughout the day and going to bed at a reasonable time, getting up at reasonable times. Eating all my meals. I’ve got a gym at the house, so I’ve starting doing a bit of training. My fans can rest assured everything is under control, haha.

He thinks Taylor Swift is cool.

Instagram: @zayn

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Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/celebrity.xml

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